My Grandfather on my Moms side served in three wars. I was a Doctor who was originally from Chicago area. While severing in the Army in World War II, he met Mr. Packard and became good friends. Mr. Packard, gifted my Grandfather a custom built 1953 Packard Caribbean Convertible.

After the war my Grandfather returned to his medical practice in a small Northern Mississippi town which was predominantly black.

The Packard was tucked away in the small one car garage the majority of the time because his jeep he used to make house calls was more practical.

My grandfather, mom and aunts have long since passed away and I most recently was given the Packard which has fallen into disrepair from sitting outside for 60 years.

I will eventually restore it in remembrance of my Grandfather and to honor those automobiles that at one time were created by artist and not bean counters.



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Morgan LeBlanc

EH&S Professional who has a passion for physical fitness, and relationship development. I am the guy who always wants to stop and pet a dog.